Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mayavi - Kids Malayalam Animation Series - Part 1 from Balarama, Malayala Manorama Publications

Created by: Pradip Sathe and Mohan
Publisher: Balarama (India)
Original publication period: August 1984 – Still
Status: Still running

Mayavi is a Malayalam language comics strip appearing in the Indian children's weekly Balarama owned by Malayala Manorama group. The comics is written by Mohan and illustrated at first by Pradip Sathe. Artist Mohandas took over the job of drawing the series after Balarama became a biweekly. The series was created by Pradip Sathe, a Mumbai-based artist, and was first published in August 1984 issue of Balarama comics. It's often said that the story Mayavi is much popular in Kerala in a way that no other comic story can overcome it.

Mayavi, the protagonist in the series, is a little devil, who helps to keep the forest safe from villains and dark wizards. Most of the stories revolve around how a dark wizard Kuttusan and his cadre of wizards aim at capturing Mayavi, but fail with drastic consequences. Mayavi takes place in a secluded forest in Kerala. It is not exactly known when the story takes place. In the local language Malayalam Mayavi translates wizard. As the target audience is young, the story takes the liberty to draw a fantasy world, in which wizards, demons and other strange creatures exist. However, despite the simplicity and slapstick comedy, Mayavi became one of the most widely read children's comics in Malayalam language.

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